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Memories of Warmer Times

May 18, 2010

In case it’s not obvious, there’s a significant time delay between when I actually take pictures and when I post them.  When I started this blog, it was only about a week, but I’ve been a little lazy and the gap has grown to about 3 weeks. Which I guess it’s good, because now I have some filler in case I have a lackluster outfit.

Anyway, I really wanted to wear the sweater in the first picture. I tried to wear it with my Olsenboye sweats, but it was a bit too casual, even for my lax standards.  So I paired it with this skirt instead.  Then of course I couldn’t get the lighting right, and forgot to take a picture of the sleeves (there are little patches, like on old school professor style jackets).  Now I think I’m just babbling.

Sweater — Chris Benz, purchased at Loehmann’s
Tank — Forever 21
Necklace — Charlotte Russe. Same as the day before I forgot to take it out of my bag so just wore it again.
Skirt — Club Monaco
Sandals — Payless

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