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Tricky Trends

June 6, 2010

My understanding is that the general rule is to only to wear 1 trend at a time.  Guess it’s a good thing that I don’t really follow rules. I’m all about the lingerie trend this spring and have recently become a full own convert to the wonders of the harem pant. (It took awhile but I finally succumbed.)

The top is a relic from the early to mid 2000’s when Scoop and Intermix where my favorite stores, and the JACT theory dictated my going out philosophy — that’s jeans and a cute top, and said jeans always had an obnoxious logo plastered on the pockets.

As is my nature I became fixated on two specific brands, Gold Hawk and Foley & Corinna, and swore up and down that they made the best going out tops. Of course I then proceeded to collect them at an alarming rate. Fortunately they were all purchased at deep discounts, and unlike the rest of the contents of my top dresser drawer* which have gone on to more greener pastures, these tops are still part of the wardrobe rotation.

Hollister Cardigan
Gold Hawk Camisole — Macy’s
Hane’s Tank
Balenciaga Harem Pants — Barney’s Warehouse Sale
Enzo Angiolini Sandals — Macy’s or maybe the Enzo store, I can’t actually remember
Necklace NYC wholesale district

*So circa 2002-2006 I had 1 or 2 draws dedicated to going out tops, most of which came from either Forever 21 or the hoochie stores on Broadway in Soho. My weekend routine was to wake up hung over, call my friends to re-cap the night, and then go shopping for a new top to wear the next night out.

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