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Too Legit, Too Legit To Quit

June 17, 2010

Product of the 90’s that I am, I couldn’t resist inserting a little MC Hammer reference. 

It’s funny how fashion can beat you into submission. When the harem pant first started popping up on the style radar, I was vehemently against it.  Not only did they look silly, but I had already participated in the trend the first time around.  In 6th grade my mom made me a pair of MC Hammer style pants and a matching vest in a patterned purple stretchy material. I believe that the print was of little tiny gold medallions. I loved them and rocked them proudly, and while I don’t regret wearing them, once was enough for me.  

Or so I thought. After being inundated with street style images of extremely chic women in drop waist pants (see how I gave them a nice fashiony name), I finally succumbed. My rationale is that this silk version from Express has just enough volume to feel fresh, but not so much that it’s overpowering. But I also realize that this will be my third post that includes a drop waist pant, so maybe a better title could be,  “It’s amazing how little willpower I have.”

Forever 21 Knit Blazer
Express Silk Pants
KAIN Label Tank — Intermix Warehouse Sale (fingers crossed it returns this year)
Vintage Necklace — Another Man’s Treasure
Charlotte Ronson Heels

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