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Too Legit, Too Legit To Quit

June 17, 2010

Product of the 90’s that I am, I couldn’t resist inserting a little MC Hammer reference. 

It’s funny how fashion can beat you into submission. When the harem pant first started popping up on the style radar, I was vehemently against it.  Not only did they look silly, but I had already participated in the trend the first time around.  In 6th grade my mom made me a pair of MC Hammer style pants and a matching vest in a patterned purple stretchy material. I believe that the print was of little tiny gold medallions. I loved them and rocked them proudly, and while I don’t regret wearing them, once was enough for me.  

Or so I thought. After being inundated with street style images of extremely chic women in drop waist pants (see how I gave them a nice fashiony name), I finally succumbed. My rationale is that this silk version from Express has just enough volume to feel fresh, but not so much that it’s overpowering. But I also realize that this will be my third post that includes a drop waist pant, so maybe a better title could be,  “It’s amazing how little willpower I have.”

Forever 21 Knit Blazer
Express Silk Pants
KAIN Label Tank — Intermix Warehouse Sale (fingers crossed it returns this year)
Vintage Necklace — Another Man’s Treasure
Charlotte Ronson Heels


Tricky Trends

June 6, 2010

My understanding is that the general rule is to only to wear 1 trend at a time.  Guess it’s a good thing that I don’t really follow rules. I’m all about the lingerie trend this spring and have recently become a full own convert to the wonders of the harem pant. (It took awhile but I finally succumbed.)

The top is a relic from the early to mid 2000’s when Scoop and Intermix where my favorite stores, and the JACT theory dictated my going out philosophy — that’s jeans and a cute top, and said jeans always had an obnoxious logo plastered on the pockets.

As is my nature I became fixated on two specific brands, Gold Hawk and Foley & Corinna, and swore up and down that they made the best going out tops. Of course I then proceeded to collect them at an alarming rate. Fortunately they were all purchased at deep discounts, and unlike the rest of the contents of my top dresser drawer* which have gone on to more greener pastures, these tops are still part of the wardrobe rotation.

Hollister Cardigan
Gold Hawk Camisole — Macy’s
Hane’s Tank
Balenciaga Harem Pants — Barney’s Warehouse Sale
Enzo Angiolini Sandals — Macy’s or maybe the Enzo store, I can’t actually remember
Necklace NYC wholesale district

*So circa 2002-2006 I had 1 or 2 draws dedicated to going out tops, most of which came from either Forever 21 or the hoochie stores on Broadway in Soho. My weekend routine was to wake up hung over, call my friends to re-cap the night, and then go shopping for a new top to wear the next night out.

Stalker Style

June 1, 2010

What’s sad is that I have tons of outfit pics saved as drafts, I just haven’t gotten around to posting them. Life gets in the way, but if you ever miss me, you can check out my main site Musings from a Mall which I’m usually updating, if I fall off here. You can also watch our latest episode of MfM TV.

What can I say about this look other than that I stalked these shoes until they were mine. I first saw them in the Barney’s shoe mailer (can I just say I think I get more inspired by the Barney’s mailer than many so-called fashion magazines) but they were out of my price range. I then saw the bootie version of them at the Warehouse Sale, but they didn’t have my size. Then I saw the knee high version at Loehmann’s, and managed to squeeze them onto my feet, but I just couldn’t bite the bullet for a shoe that didn’t fit perfectly. Finally they showed up on Yoox, and with a little help from my brother’s generous Christmas gift (Thanks Matt!) they were mine.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sweater — Saks
Priorities Cardigan
LaRok Striped Cami — Find Outlet (no longer in existence)
Forever 21 cami underneath
Dries van Noten Skirt — Barney’s Warehouse Sale
Sigerson Morrison “Rain or Shine” Flats — Go Clothing
H&M Gloves
Margiela Nail Heels — Yoox
Necklace from NYC Wholesale District

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight

May 24, 2010

Bad 80’s reference aside, I am a big fan of Alexander Wang. I know that this makes me sound like every other girl with an internet connection and a subscription to Vogue (well in my case Elle).  But in my defense, I’ve liked his stuff for awhile, i.e. before he really blew up and was still primarily designing knitwear. I’m not a blind follower, but when he’s good, he’s really good. And he excels at making really easy pieces that make you look good without a whole lot of effort, which is something I appreciate a lot.

This was a going out look  from a while back.  In my head I want to take more pictures on non-work looks, but I am always running out the door at the last minute. What can I say, time management is not my strong suit when it comes to getting ready.

Jacket — Alexander Wang for the Gap
Blouse — Alexander Wang purchased from Gilt
Jeans — Siwy purchased from Intermix Warehouse Sale. This jeans just died. I am really, really sad about that.
Bracelets — Forever 21
Necklace — JCPenney
Boots — Chloe purchased from eBay


May 23, 2010

Next to “like,” obsessed is one of the most overused words in my vocabulary.  I am obsessed with thousands of things, and the rotation of obsessions is always changing.  Twinkle by Wenlan was one of those obsessions a few years ago, and was so excited to find this piece on sale at the Find Outlet (which sadly no longer exists).  I guess it just goes to show that good things stand the test of time.

Twinkle by Wenlan Cardigan — Find Outlet
Silk Camisole — Sears
Belt — Club Monaco
Ksubi Jeans — Barney’s Warehouse Sale
Sigerson Morrison “Rain or Shine Flats” — Bloomingdale’s
Necklace — NYC Wholesale District

Memories of Warmer Times

May 18, 2010

In case it’s not obvious, there’s a significant time delay between when I actually take pictures and when I post them.  When I started this blog, it was only about a week, but I’ve been a little lazy and the gap has grown to about 3 weeks. Which I guess it’s good, because now I have some filler in case I have a lackluster outfit.

Anyway, I really wanted to wear the sweater in the first picture. I tried to wear it with my Olsenboye sweats, but it was a bit too casual, even for my lax standards.  So I paired it with this skirt instead.  Then of course I couldn’t get the lighting right, and forgot to take a picture of the sleeves (there are little patches, like on old school professor style jackets).  Now I think I’m just babbling.

Sweater — Chris Benz, purchased at Loehmann’s
Tank — Forever 21
Necklace — Charlotte Russe. Same as the day before I forgot to take it out of my bag so just wore it again.
Skirt — Club Monaco
Sandals — Payless

Shrugging it Out

May 15, 2010

For some inexplicable reason, I really like shrugs. I guess it’s good that 99.99% of them look awful on me.  The .01% exception being this lovely one from Inhabit (my favorite cashmere brand) that’s so soft and cozy.  It’s kind of like a big stylish security blanket.  Sorry for the lack of posts. If you ever miss me, you can check out my main blog Musings from a Mall.

Shrug — Inhabit Sample Sale
Tank — Kain Label, Intermix Warehouse Sale. They didn’t have one this year which made me very sad.
Skirt — Forever 21. This is really becoming a go-to piece
Necklace — Charlotte Russe
Shoes — Enzo purchased at Macy’s